A view to some of my creative endeavors.

Art By Sno*

This site is my way of sharing some of the various projects I have done with those who are interested in seeing my work.


Come see my new site!

I have joined the Artist community come check out my portfolio!

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Raging Sea


Tree in Focus

Tree in Focus

Tree in Focus

Faux Stainglass


These were done on the interior doors of a trailer in place of the blue paint that had been put there years ago to give privacy.  The tennant was thrilled with the change and mentioned that it was so nice to have a cute peekhole in the front door now.


Collin’s Nursery

Nursery Mural

Desert Dreamin’

The picture with the palm trees was painted from a picture my sister took of the Az sky one evening.  The second picture is of Superstition mountain. Unfortunately these photos do not do justice to the vibrance of the actual paintings, cameras simply don’t pick up the nuances of certain paints.



Thank You to all our Veterans!  And a special Thanks to my husband, dad, brother, stepdad, grandpas (all of them), my cousin, uncle and friends.  I know so many precious people who have and many still do stand up and defend our freedoms everyday.  I am so proud of each of them and grateful that they are willing to stand up when others don’t.  I pray for God’s continued protection and blessing on each of them.  I will continue to uphold each of them in prayer as I hope in the day when they will finally get to come home and not have to return to war!  Happy Veterans’ Day!

Welcome Fall

The weather is finally cooling off and I have been enjoying painting a lot over the past week.  With the main projects I wanted to finish for Christmas done, I can relax and daydream of what I want to paint next.


I love to take pictures. It is amazing to be able to capture the moment with the click of a button.  In my opinion digital cameras are one of the funnest advances in technology, because they allow me to take as many pictures as I want and to keep only the ones that really represent what I wanted to remember. 

Table top for a little one

This is an example of a whimsical fun project for a little person.

Part of a mural for a friend’s daughters

Another day, another place

A Still Place…

Sometimes the noise of the day gets to me and I want to find a quiet place to think.  A place where the only sound is the scurrying of little animals and the chirping of birds.  The smell of trees and grass, perhaps some flowers in bloom.  Maybe a place like this…

Sometimes life is like a stormy sea.

There are days when things seem calm and relaxed, then there are times when it seems like the whole world is a raging sea crashing around you.

A Peaceful Place

With the hustle and bustle of today I wished I could disappear into one of my paintings. Perhaps this one.

Youth Room: The Other Side of the Room

The youth room where I painted the ocean was part of two rooms that had been opened up and made into one.  The other side of the room is a beach.  Here you can get an idea of how it turned out.

Back to Real Life Part 2

This is the other part of the youth room.

Back to Real Life

Kids are back to school, hubby back to work… I will be back to painting in no time!  In the mean time, here is a picture of one of the murals I have had the privilege to paint in a church  youth room.

Busy Baking

Spent many hours in the kitchen whipping up yummy treats for family and friends.  Some days I enjoy doing common domestic things, other times I like to do something different.  This picture is an example of one of my humorous days at painting.  We’ve posted this eye by the front door so anyone who looks in will see a giant eye looking back at them.  Every time I see it I can’t help but chuckle.

Could fall be near?

This morning the first hint of fall was in the air. The weather was magnificent!  Not cold, not hot, just gorgeous.

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